Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Vein Treatment services offered in Bellmore, NY

Spider veins can appear on your face, legs, or nearly anywhere else and can be challenging to hide. Fortunately, the team offers permanent spider vein treatment with sclerotherapy at Micari Aesthetics in Bellmore, New York. Call Micari Aesthetics or schedule an appointment online to learn more about treatment for spider veins today. 

How do spider veins form?

Spider veins are tiny, damaged blood vessels you can see on your skin’s surface. They look like small fragments of branches or spider webs and can be either red, blue, or purple. Most of the time, they appear on the face or legs, but you can get them anywhere on your body. 

Causes of spider veins include:

  • Hormone changes
  • Sun exposure
  • Genetic syndromes
  • Injuries
  • Pregnancy
  • Increased pressure in your face (from sneezing, laughing, etc.)
  • Connective tissue diseases

Sometimes spider veins appear with no apparent cause. 

Spider veins are almost always harmless, though they may sometimes itch or burn. Even if you can’t feel your spider veins, you might not like how they look. You can conceal them with makeup or remove them with advanced sclerotherapy treatment at Micari Aesthetics. 

How does spider vein treatment work?

Sclerotherapy, a popular and highly effective treatment for spider veins, is available at Micari Aesthetics to make your visible veins disappear. During the procedure, the team injects a sclerosant medication into the vein. The sclerosant causes the walls of the vein to swell and stick together, eventually blocking blood flow altogether. 

There is no downtime after sclerotherapy as the treatment is simple and minimally invasive. After the procedure, you should keep the treated area elevated at night. For example, if you treat a spider vein on your leg, simply sleep with that leg propped up on a pillow. You should also keep your bandages on as long as the team advises. 

How should I prepare for spider vein treatment?

Sclerotherapy doesn’t require much preparation. However, you should visit Micari Aesthetics for a consultation, so the team can examine the veins and decide if sclerotherapy is the right choice for you.

Are the results of spider vein treatment permanent?

Once you treat a spider vein with sclerotherapy, that vein is closed for good. The blood reroutes through other vessels in the area since it can no longer travel through that vein. It’s possible to get more spider veins in the same area in the future, but the veins you treat with sclerotherapy disappear permanently. 

Call Micari Aesthetics or schedule a consultation online to find out if you’re a good candidate for spider vein treatment.